The Shadow Tarot™

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Amprodias ~ Fool
Zamradiel ~ Lovers
Characith ~ Chariot
Temphioth ~ Lust
Yamatu ~ Hermit
Kurgasiax ~ Fortune
Lafcursiax ~ Justice
Malkunofat~Hanged Man
Niantiel ~ Death
Saksaksalim ~ Art
A'ano'nin ~Devil
Parfaxitas ~Tower
Tzuflifu ~ Emperor
Qulielfi ~ Moon
Raflifu ~ Sun

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Dark drum rhythms dissolve the boundaries of personal ego, expanding awareness into union with the Daemon, releasing the power of the Oracular Voice.

The Shadow Tarot

          "Here then beneath the winged Eros is youth, delighting in the one and the other. He is Asar [Osiris] between Asi [Isis] and Nephthi [Nephthys]."

 Aleister Crowley, Liber CCXXXI

          "The 17th Path transmits the influence of the Lovers. Its tunnel is sentinelled by Zamradiel who is evoked by vibrating his name in the key of 'D'. The sound should be accompanied by a hoarse cachinnation ... "
          "The sigil of Zamradiel is composed of a lunar crescent pierced by an arrow shot from a bow, both ends of which terminate in the letter G. ... the vehicle by which the crossing is achieved ... the letter of the High Priestess ... "  
            "The 17th kala is thus strongly charged with the atmosphere of Daäth.."

                                  Kenneth Grant, Nightside of Eden

excerpted from . . .

The Shadow Tarot 

© Linda Falorio, 1995

Twin double-spirals, eyes of the Maori death-goddess Hinenuitepo, "Great Lady of the Night who sends the Spirit North across the ocean," mark the entrance to the Tunnel of Zamradiel, that dark abyss from which No-Man returns. Hung from its sigil are the Lovers, priest and priestess of the Double Current, Androgyne and Gyander, who are about to undergo the Ordeal of the Abyss.

Holding no part of passion back in fear, holding no part of themselves aloof from their experience, they have emptied the last drops of blood into the Cup and hang like rotting meat upon a peg in the dark caverns of the primal dark goddess, Ereshkigal, who lies in waiting deep within the bowels of the earth. Here, the Lovers await the Beast of Other Dimensions, the Eater of Lost Souls, the Scavenger, who devours the last vestiges of human consciousness as they plunge into the black Abyss.

The Cup, fashioned from a skull of archaic Homo Sapiens, dates from about 250,000 to 500,000 years before the present era, marking that time when Stellar races first came upon the nascent earth. The skull rests upon the sigil of that most ancient and puissant priestess of Voudoun, Ayizan, who is here invoked for inspiration and protection during the dread Sabbath over which Choronzonbarrer of the way into the City of the Pyramids presides. Into the skull-cup drips distillations of the secret caverns of the earth; it is the "black wine of the moon" distilled from the body of the priestess, which in this Tunnel takes the form of an hallucinogenic absinthe, that will induce oracular voicings in the language of "before being born, and after dying."

Below, the priest/priestess of the Bultu cult, having unsealed spectral atavisms by the power of the drums to snare the mind in their dark rhythms, and to disintegrate the boundaries of ordinary ego-consciousness, has assumed the were-mask of the Spectral Hyena. Fusing the twin serpents OB and OD, merged with the beast within, s/he awaits the Spectral Beast, the Other, the Demon Lover, with trembling fear and heightened expectation.

MEDITATION: The need to work with the energies of the Tunnel of Zamradiel may be signaled by over-identification with one's sexual morphology, accompanied by an inability, and/or unwillingness to understand alternative sexualities. There may be a paralyzing fear of ego-death, fear of the dark, or fear of the unknown within, which in some cases manifests as the terrifying voicings of alalia. Here, in  this 17th Tunnel of Zamradiel, we find the fearful clinging to solar-phallic consciousness that typifies 20th Century chauvinism.

The powers associated with this Tunnel include communion with remote strata of human consciousness, with the accompnaying ability of trance-channeling. Here we also find the ability to combine male and female within oneself, to reunite with one's lost half, "the lost lover," to reintegrate the Animus/Anima, and to seduce the Nahual into sensible appearance, all while embracing the transpersonal Shadow. Here is the power to distill the healing elixir, the Philosopher's Stone, the fountain of youth through the Taoist practice of  "self-cultivation." Here one finds one's Voice through transcendence of the narrow personal ego,  and the transcosmic dissolution of the boundaries of the soul, whose ultimate expression is Infinite Love. Here is evolution of consciousness through re-connection of the bicameral circuit, with the ability to spiral from remote pre-human consciousness into far-flung future hyper-expansion of mind-power and awareness.

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