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The Tree of Night

Developed by Linda Falorio with Fred Fowler and Mishlen Linden
for use with The Shadow Tarot

Kether *Sahasrara* Crown

The Image: The Kalas of the Stars rain down from transplutonian dimensions.

The Vision: The Great Old Ones "People who come from the other side of the sea"
of interstellar space, the Mu, the Moa.

Power: That of trans-dimensional / interstellar time-travel.

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Binah / Chokmah *Ajna* Brow

The Image: The Inward-Looking Eye. "With Thy right eye create an Universe."

The Vision: The reflection of the Moon upon still, dark water; rainbows of oil upon water.

Power: To enter the Dream Time,to leave the body at Will.

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Daäth / Vishuddha *Knot of Shiva* Decussation of the Pyramids

The Image:The Winged Serpent as AndrogyneGyander.

The Vision:The Labyrinth, Entrance to Universe B via The Tunnels of Set.

Power:That of the voltigeurs, of shape-shifting, of the Shaman, of cosmic transmutation of the primal cell; Knowledge of past-present-future as existent in the Now.

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Tiphareth *Anahata* Heart

The Image: the Black Snake devouring the eclipsed Sun;the Crossroads.

The Vision: The Ego-less Void between the Worlds: "for there is no god where I am."

Power: That of invisibility; of entering another's body.

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Veil of Paroketh *Manipura* Knot of Vishnu / Diaphragm

The Image: The Black Hole, matter collapsed upon itself.
"For my left hand has crushed an Universe, and nought remains"; a dark rain cloud.

The Vision: "The Howler in the waste."

Power:That of speech in silence; hunger; the power of the shroud.

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Yesod *Svadisthana* Navel

The Image: The Primal Soup as it moves and froths.

The Vision: The swamp, the waters of  illusion; the water gourd, the cup filled with wine.

Power: That of fascination and enchantment; of imagination kindled by desire;
The creation of one's own universe.

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Knot of Brahma *Center* Ch'i

The Image: The Web, tentacles.

The Vision: Interconnected nodes of infinitely corroding light.

Power: That of the drum, as keeper and creator of Time.

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Malkuth *Muladhara* Que

The Image: Nuit, the Silver Rain, the sexual kalas as they pour forth from the body of the Suvasini.

The Vision: The Dance of sex-birth-death-bliss; the staff with skull on top; the empty mind.

Power: That of tantric energy exchange, of distilling the transforming elixir; of raising kundalini up the spine, exploding consciousness into the Shower of Stars.

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© linda falorio, 1996


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